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Recommended Suggestions

  1. It is always a good idea to use a candle snuffer or some other means to extinguish a burning candle. Blowing out a candle could cause the liquid part of the candle to leave the container and cause damage or injury.
  2. We recommend that you only burn a candle 4 hours at a time on a level protected surface.
  3. Do not re-light the candle once it is 1/4th of an inch from the bottom or once you see the top of the metal wick tab. If you do re-light you will compromise the beauty of the candle and your safety.
  4. Never leave a burning candle unattended, never burn a candle in a container that is chipped or cracked and always use caution when handling a warm candle.
  5. Teach everyone in the family the rules of safe candle use.  Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch on fire. Burn candles inside an 18" circle of safety, an area free of anything that could come in contact with the flame and catch on fire.
  6. Always burn a candle in a moisture-free environment. Presence of water vapor or water spill in a candle can result in a huge flame. Water-oil mixture can vehemently bubble and sizzle. This can result in severe personal injury and or broken glass. A candle should never be extinguished with water.

Q:  Is the silver inside of the wick made from lead?

No, it's zinc. It burns cleaner and doesn't put the harmful toxins in the air like lead does. Wicks are very important when making a decision in purchasing a candle. Without a metal core the wick can tip over when the wax becomes liquid and start heating the glass container.  Even tempered glass can crack or explode from too much heat. 

Q:  How does mineral oil and wax burn times compare?

White Mineral oil candles burn much longer and cleaner than wax or soy when made right. It burns at a higher temperature than wax or soy. What this means is if you put white mineral oil in one pot and wax in another and heat them the wax would catch on fire at 200+ degrees and the mineral oil would catch on fire at over 500+ degrees. These are called "fire points"

Q: Is the smoke harmful to your health?

Mineral oil candles burn smoke-free and are not harmful to your health. They are made from 96% white mineral oil "unscented baby oil".  If a mineral oil candle doesn't burn smoke free; There are a few reasons why.  1. The wick may be too long. Blow out the candle and wait for it to cool down then trim the wick and re-light. 2. It may be a "mystery gel" not patented, if this is the case maybe the candle was made for decor and not actual usage.  3.  There may be too much fragrance used, fragrance is highly flammable.

Q:  What is the mineral oil made of?

The mineral oil is made of specially selected and processed white mineral oil and mixed with 4% trade secret- a type of polymer that gives the material a transparent rubbery texture similiar to Jell-O.

Q: Do we make our own mineral oil?

No, we purchase our mineral oil from a U.S. company who has a patent. They are the only authorized manufacturer of this product in the world. Many companies have tried to duplicate their product ilegally and have produced dangerous and unstable gels . Furthermore, the manufacturer of the white mineral oil does not sell the patented mineral oil outside of the United States. So if your candle was manufactured outside of the U.S, it most likely wasn't made with the patented mineral oil.

Q:  Will the mineral oil be damaged in extremely hot or cold environments, like Florida or Alaska?

No, the material is highly resistant to extreme temperatures.  Although, if it is really warm like inside a car on a very hot day and the candle is sitting on it's side, it is possible that it will ooze out of the glass container slightly. On a very cold day if a candle is by a drafty window or cool environment the mineral oil may shrink away from the glass causing a slight gap or air bubble between the glass and the white mineral oil. (A cold bubble).

Q: Are the white mineral oil candles refillable?

The majority of our candles are refillable. Once they have been burned you can place refills in the center and use them over and over again. The ability to use them forever makes them the ideal gift or home accent. The design and scent will stay beautiful in the candle forever.

Q:  Where can I purchase refills? 

Refills can be purchased through our website.

Q: How long will it take to ship my order?  

Since our candles are all hand made it will vary on the time. We give about 5-7 days before the order is shipped, then you will receive a confirmation Email.

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