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How they work*

Keep out of direct sunlight - sunlight will cause the white mineral oil to discolor and loose its bubbles (sparkling appearance)  If you don't want the bubbles, keep the candle in direct sunlight (a window sill) for a few days, be sure to rotate everyday until the desired look is achieved. Then remove from the window sill.

Trim the wick of your candle to a 1/4 inch before lighting- this will help the candle to burn evenly and control the height and size of the flame. Your candle should smoke only when first lit and when blown out. If it begins to smoke while burning, the wick is too long, blow it out, wait 10-15 minutes, trim or pinch the wick holding it upside down over a trash can or the sink. Then relight. When a wick is too long it produces a bigger flame and more heat causing your candle to evaporate at a faster rate (meaning less total burn time for your candle). By not pinching off the black mushroom that forms, each time before lighting your candle means that your candle is less likely to self extinguish because the mushroom is now falling into the candle.

The metal core inside the wick is made from zinc not lead. This is to help the wick to stay straight when the white mineral oil is in liquid form and keeps your wick from drowning in the white mineral oil. When your candle has completed its full burn cycle it will self extinguish because of the high collar wick tab. It is nice to know that if you forget to blow it out or fall asleep that your candle will do it for you. (As long as you remember to pinch the mushroom off the wick each time before lighting).

Refilling your candle

When the burn cycle is complete (1/4th of an inch from the bottom) please wait for the inside of the candle to cool down. This assures you that you won't burn yourself and makes it easier to peel out the hardened white mineral oil and wick tab that still remains in the cup at the end of the burn cycle. DO NOT REMOVE THE INNER CUP!

When ready to use a tea light - If there is any residue on the inside of the cup you may take a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel (moist not damp) or a baby wipe and remove by wiping gently inside the cup. (While the piece is upside down over a garbage can or sink).

It is recommended that you use our white mineral oil T- Lites, but you can use plastic contained tea lights.

DO NOT USE METAL TEA LIGHTS  they tend to heat up more than the plastic ones. DO NOT USE WAX VOTIVES you will not be able to get the remaining wax out of the inside cup, therefore making your refillable candle non-refillable. Never set anything on the top surface of your candle, it will leave marks or indentations. NEVER LIGHT A DUSTY CANDLE.

Our candles are made from 94% white mineral oil (unscented baby oil) and 6% trade secret. Our candles burn longer, cleaner and more evenly than wax or soy.

Our candles produce a subtle aroma into the air.  White mineral oil absorbs odor from the air. Our fragrance loads are carefully monitored using high tech equipment to regulate so as not to over-fragrance our candles. Candles that are over-fragrant are much more easy to ignite causing a  fire. Only the finest fragrances and aroma therapy oils are used in the making of our candles. Some of them come from essential oils.

Cleaning your candle

When the candle is not lit and is completely cool you may take your finger nail and scrape the dust off the top.  Once you have done this, the candle top will look dull. Make sure all the dust and debris is off the candle, then use a baby wipe if you have one across the top to get it really clean. Next take a long-stem "grill lighter" and gently glaze the top of the candle until it shines again. (The wind resistant is our favorite lighter).

*Step by Step videos coming soon!

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